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SEKO Basic Cable Forklift Scale System

The Complete Basic SEKO Forklift Scale Consists of
Two (2) Weigh Modules and a Scale Control/Indicator.
(Weigh Modules Connected to Carriage Junction Box and Cab Scale Indicator by Cables)

Carriage with Scale Modules, Cables and J-Box


SEKO Module Side Ciew

Weigh Module


SEKO Weigh Module Cables

Protected Cable Connector

Scale module cable connector is protected by a 1/4" welded steel barrier.

Although cable connected elements have received criticism, the SEKO cable system successfully reduces probability of cable hang-up.

In addition to reduced possibilitiy of hangup, should a cable be damaged, the scale module and cable are specifically designed to make replacement of a damaged cable fast and simple.
Rinstrum R320 Indicator
Rinstrum Model R320
(Standard Scale Indicator)

The SEKO Forklift Scale system can be very economical as a cable-connected system.

For budget-challenged shops, the Cable SK-16 retail price is $3,995
for 0.1% (1 lb per 1,000 lb) accuracy. (Financing available!)

Fork Offset Measurement Photo
SEKO Weigh Modules
with ONE Fork Installed
Photo Illustrates Fork Offset
from Carriage by
Thickness of Weigh Module
SEKO Weigh Modules

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SEKO-NA Forklift Scale Logo  Maple Leaf Image  US Flag Eagle
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