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Truck Lift Capacity and Load-Center De-Rating

Lift Capacity and Load Center Data Plate Required:
All Carriage-mounted scales consume a percentage of rated truck load capacity
and alter the load-center for safe operation. OSHA, ITA, your insurance company and good management agree that a Data Plate reflecting the adjusted load capacity and lift load center be attached to your truck prior to operating with our SEKO Forklift Carriage-Mounted Scale Modules.

Multiple Data Plates Recommended:
It is acceptable and recommended to have multiple Data Plates on a truck to provide safe operation information for often used truck accessory configurations. For example, a 5,000 lift capacity forklift may be utilized as a rental and when a scale is desired, the
SEKO scale can be mounted for that rental with the adjusted load capacity as indicated by the SEKO Forklift Scale attachment Data Plate. When the scale is no longer needed, the SEKO Forklift Scale modular system can be removed and the truck placed back in full capacity service in less than five minutes!

Request SEKO Forklift Scale Accessory Data Plate from the truck manufacturer:
Please consult your truck manufacturer for
accurate adjustment of rated lift capacity and load center shifts imposed by the installation of the weigh modules. It only takes a few minutes to apply and the truck manufacturer will provide the additional Data Plate within a short period. The cost is minimal and if your cost-control policy discourages the addition of a Data Plate for use of the truck with a SEKO Forklift Scale, please contact us for financial assistance.

Here is a spreadsheet for calculating rough estimates of load capacity adjustments.
Download the spreadsheet and insert the truck measurements from your particular truck specifications.
(Right-click to Save As)

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