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SEKO Scale Easy Installation
Generic Installation Guide
Nissan 50 Forklift Example

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                  • Forks and Scales are HEAVY!
                  • Think ahead.  -  Get help.  -  Pay Attention!
                  • Do not put hands, feet or other body parts under the forks or scales
Please View the SEKO Video Installation Demonstrations on the Internet
(Links on this page Strongly Recommended!)

This Installation Guide provides only general suggestions.
You are responsible for safe work practices and sound judgment
for lifting and maneuvering heavy objects.
Be careful and thoughtful before proceeding.

Mechanical Installation of SEKO Scales should take less than ten minutes total time.

Installation of the Class II SEKO Scales can usually be accomplished by one experienced worker.

The videos which accompany this guide were filmed by the worker doing the installation.

The video installation was the first installation ever attempted by the worker.

An experienced worker will note the errors experienced in this learning process.
(Feel free to be amused at the un-expert moves.)

This "first-time installation by an inexperienced worker" took less than ten minutes, total.

Scales Installed and Right Fork Re-Attached
Click for larger view.

SEKO Scale Top view Close-Up
Note the Shipping Locking Bolt
Click for larger view

Installation Guide

Park the forklift:
Park the forklift in a clear, flat space.
Put the gearbox in neutral. Set and lock the parking brake. Lower the carriage to a safe working height, just off the ground.

Remove the forks from the carriage:  (Video 1: 2:45 Minutes)
(Repeat for each fork)
Release the positioner lock located at the top of the fork.
Slide the fork to the center of the carriage.
Position the fork over the center of the cutout on the bottom carriage rail.
Lift the fork tip so that the bottom fork hook clears the carriage rail.
Lift the fork off the top carriage rail.
Transfer fork to ground.

Install SEKO Scale Module:  (Video 2
: 2:40 Minutes)
(Repeat for each fork)
Hook SEKO scale top hook on center of top carriage rail.
Engage the SEKO bottom hook in the cutout in the bottom carriage rail.
Slide SEKO scale to one side
Set positioner lock located on top of the SEKO scale module.

Re-install Forks: (Video 3
: 2:35 Minutes)
(Repeat for each fork)
Raise the carriage just off the ground so that the fork must be lifted about 1/2" to 1" to hook to the SEKO fork mounting rails.
Raise a fork hooks to the level of the SEKO scale fork mounting rails and slide the fork on to the SEKO scale.
Center the fork on the SEKO scale and engage the positioner lock.
If 4" wide forks, insert optional upper and lower fork locking bolts.
Remove the Shipping Locking Bolt and Save Bolt for future shipping of weigh module.

This concludes the installation of the SEKO Scale and Fork on the forklift carriage.
The forks may be repositioned as normal.
Release the positioner lock.
Slide the SEKO scale and fork to the desired position
Re-engage the positioner lock.

Remove Scale and Replace Forks: (Video 4: 2:55 Minutes)
Video demonstrates rapid swap capability using SEKO Scale System
A truck breakdown requires only about five minutes to transfer the scale system to another truck.
Very little production time is lost due to waiting for mechanic assistance.
When forks are removed, replace the Shipping Locking Bolts for travel.

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