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All SEKO Forklift Scales are Nominally 99.9% Accurate (+/- 0.1% Error - 1 Pound Error per Thousand Pound Load)
Technical Information
Calibration Commentary
Each Weigh Module contains an independent S-beam type load cell associated with a performance certificate. The Scale Indicator calibration is calibrated prior to shipment using the certified mV/V performance data enabling instant installation and weighing.

The SEKO Forklift Scale modules are mounted on the forklift carriage and the original forks or attachment are mounted on the weigh modules. This completes the scale installation.

This empty fork/attachment weight is essentially a fixed tare, which is instantly compensated by the operator pressing the "ZERO" button.

Forklift truck lift capacity is independent of the scale weighing capacity. The rated (data-plate) load-lifting capacity of a forklift truck includes any attachments to the moving lift platform. The total truck lift capacity will not change, but the operating load lift capacity will be reduced by the weight and configuration of the fork/attachments.

The SEKO Weigh Module is calibrated prior to shipment and only a ZERO adjustment is necessary to complete calibration for your truck and forks/attachments. In the event that minor adjustments are necessary, please contact SEKO 24-7 Technical Support for assistance. SEKO Forklift Scale Tech Support is available 24-7 to assist your work.

SEKO Forklift Scale Tech Support: Call 307-321-4505 any time.

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