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Attachment Compatible for Weighing, Piece Counting, Batching and Bale Clamp
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Modular Forklift Scale
  Simple - Accurate - Rugged - Reliable
All SEKO Forklift Scales are Nominally 99.9% Accurate (+/- 0.1% Error - 1 Pound Error per Thousand Pound Load)

Raymond Walk-Behind with Carpet Pole and Label Printer

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Raymond Walk Behind w/Carpet Pole
Loaded Carpet Pole

Unloaded Carpet Pole
Raymond Walk Behind w/ Carpet Pole

Carpet Pole
Walk Behind Carpet Pole and SEKO Weigh Module

Raymond Walk Behind
Walk Behind Carpet Pole and SEKO Weigh Module

Walk behind w-ZEBRA and R420
R420 and ZEBRA Printer

R420 and ZEBRA
Operator Station w/R420 and ZEBRA Printer
Click to see ZEBRA Printer Specification
The SEKO Modular Forklift Scale is your ideal option
for affordable, accurate, simple, and rugged forklift scale
and other onboard weighing requirements.

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